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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance and the coverages it provides can often be misinterpreted or misunderstood.  Homeowners insurance provides protection for not just family dwellings but also, condos, townhomes, and even renters insurance all fall under the homeowners insurance blanket.

Besides the obvious coverage of the structure itself, a homeowners insurance policy also covers your personal property, theft protection, and can even be a cheaper way to cover recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, and boats.  Most importantly your homeowners insurance policy also provides you with personal liability coverage in the event action is taken against you for something that occurred at your home or even to protect you against something you are at fault for outside of your home.

JIB offers options to cover all of these scenarios, with a wide range of coverage and deductible options to suit your individual needs.


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Auto Insurance

Here in Minnesota we are faced with some of the most difficult driving conditions in the entire country.  Accidents happen every day, and they are called accidents for a reason.  As the cost of damages caused by accidents continue to rise, let JIB make sure that even before you get behind the wheel you have the coverage and protection you need.

By working with some of the best auto insurance companies in the country JIB has plans to fit all of your auto insurance needs.  A variety of coverage options from basic liability coverage to roadside assistance are available with all auto insurance packages. As well as many discounts to make your policy affordable from multi-car to paid in full discounts

Auto Insurance

Life Insurance

Perhaps one of the most difficult insurance types to discuss yet perhaps the most important is life insurance. Life insurance is the best way to protect the future of the ones you love even after you are gone.  We all know people that have left this world too soon and have left love ones behind without a protection plan in place.  Don't hesitate to have that conversation today.

There are numerous different types of life insurance plans that JIB offers, from simple term policies, to cash accumulating whole life policies.  No matter what your budget or amount of protection you are looking for JIB has the product that is the best fit for all situations.

Life Insurance


Even though Minnesota is a "no-fault state" fault DOES MATTER!  No fault state means that we allow people injured in a car accident in Minnesota to receive some medical coverage, wage loss, and some

replacement expenses regardless of fault.

The average cost of assisted living is just over $3,000 per month well the average cost of nursing home care is over $6,000 per month.  It's never too early to consider long term care  insurance.

The average cost of an auto collision claim in Minnesota is roughly $4,000. While the average cost of a claim involving bodily injury is over $17,000.

Though bundling your policies with one carrier is often a cheaper insurance option, every company rates every policy and situation on an individual basis.  The main benefit to an independent agent is the ability to shop each policy across a variety of companies to find the best deal.

Roadside assistance coverage on an auto policy covers not just towing, but changing a tire, unlocking a covered car, and even jump starting a battery.



Business Insurance

Business Insuance

No matter what your business insurance needs are JIB has a commercial insurance package that can be tailored to your personal needs.  

No matter how large or how small your exposure may be there is a plan for you.  Whether you simply need liability coverage, need to cover your commercial property, or even commercial auto insurance, all are available with a JIB commercial package.

Also, explore the many savings opportunities that are available through JIB.  Multi-policy discounts are available even by adding your personal policies as well as a paid in full discount.

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Specialty Insurance Options

Here is a list of other specialty insurance options offered by JIB:

Umbrella Insurance- is a policy which provides you with additional liability coverage above and beyond the coverage on your base policies.

Long term care insurance- covers your nursing home expenses as well as other expenses incurred when injury or illness requires you to need care for an extended period of time.

Workers Compensation insurance- whether you are required by an employer or are covering your own employees work comp is easily accessible through JIB.

Annuities- are a simple investment opportunity that pay out a fixed sum every year to the insured.

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